Weitere Teile am Lager 55-57






brake______________1_________brake drum___________je____€ 15,00

brake______________5_________anchor plate___________je___€ 10,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________55/6 glove box door_________€ 20,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________55/6 ash tray_______________€ 15,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1pr_______55/6 lower air vent covers______€ 25,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________55/6 shift housing_____je____€ 10,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________T.S. housing______________€ 10,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________55/6 heater fan housing only____€ 20,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________57 recirculating heater housing w/heater core__€ 80,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________57 intrument cluster_____je____€ 25,00 Foto ansehen

dash_______________1_________57 Two Ten radio hole vover_________€ 15,00 Foto ansehen

door_______________1_________55 BA rear door LH SW_____€ 150,00 Foto ansehen

door_______________1_________55 Two Ten door RH rear pass. car___€ 150,00 Foto ansehen

door_______________1_________55 Two Ten door LH front pass. car___€ 200,00 Foto ansehen

door_______________1_________door latch supprt LH front & rear ___€ 15,00 Foto ansehen

door_______________diverse_____door snapper anfragen__je___€ 20,00 Foto ansehen

electrical____________3_________55 parklight housing____je_____€ 10,00 Foto ansehen

electrical____________1_________55 Headlight Chrome Ring_________€ 10,00 Foto ansehen

electrical____________1_________55 tail light housing______€ 20,00 Foto ansehen

electrical____________1_________voltage regulator_ used_______je__€ 10,00

electrical____________1_________headlight bucket_________€ 10,00

engine_____________1_________56 V8 2 BBL Oil Bath Aircleaner______€ 100,00 Foto ansehen

engine_____________2_________6 cyl. intake only______je ____€25,00 Foto ansehen

engine_____________1_________55 exaust manifold LH only_____€ 30,00

engine_____________1_________57 oilfilter canister w/bolt______€25,00 Foto ansehen

engine_____________1_________56 Temp gauge rebuilt______€115,00 Foto ansehen

engine_____________1_________6 cyl. accelator rods firewall to carb.__€ 25,00

engine_____________1pr_______57 original V8 valve covers______€ 80,00 Foto ansehen
engine_____________1_________55 original V8 valve cover LH_____€ 40,00 Foto ansehen

engine_____________1_________V8 fan blade 4 blades_______€ 25,00 Foto ansehen

front end___________1_________57 hood bar__________€ 50,00 Foto ansehen

front end___________1_________57 hood latch support_______€ 20,00 Foto ansehen

front end___________1_________57 A-frame shield bracket_______€ 20,00 Foto ansehen

front end___________1_________55 inner fender RH________€ 100,00 Foto ansehen

front end___________1pr_______57 fender to inner fender brackets______€ 10,00

front end___________1pr_______55 radiator support cover_______€ 20,00Foto ansehen

front end___________1_________55 front splash pan sides RH_______€50,00 Foto ansehen

front end___________1_________55 front splash pan sides LH_______€50,00 Foto ansehen

front end___________1_________55 outside vent cover in front of windshield__€ 30,00 Foto ansehen

interior_____________1_________55/6 rear seat 2 dr________€ 200,00Foto ansehen

interior_____________1_pr_______4 Door Sedan Side Window inner Frames front door__€ 20,00Foto ansehen

interior_____________1_pr_______4 Door Sedan Side Window inner Frames rear door__€ 20,00Foto ansehen

interior_____________1__________4 Door Sedan rear corner Window inner Frame RH____€ 10,00Foto ansehen

interior_____________1_pr_______Sedan Windshield corner Garnish Moldings__pr__€ 20,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1_________55 lower grille molding_______€ 20,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1pr_______55 grille side moldings_______€ 20,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1pr_______55 SW rear fender molding 210______€ 80,00

molding____________1pr_______55 SW rear door moldings 210_______€ 40,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1 set_____55 door belt moldings upper&hip 4 dr sedan______€ 75,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1_pr______55 56 57 Lower Windshield molding Sedan____pr__€ 40,00 Foto ansehen

molding____________1_pr______56 57 4 Door HT rear Window/Door Corner Edge Moldings_€40,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1_pr______56 57 4 Door HT rear window lower corner moldings___pr_€ 20,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1_pr______56 57 4 Door HT rear window inner garnish moldings__pr__€ 25,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1_pr______55 Two ten 4 Door Sedan rear door Paint Devider____pr__€ 20,00Foto ansehen

molding____________1_pr______55 Two Ten Station Wagon Molding Fins on rear Door___€ 15,00Foto ansehen

rear end____________1________SW liftgate hinge in roof one side only______€ 20,00

rear end____________3________55 tail light rings_____je___€ 7,50Foto ansehen

rear end____________1________drive train w/yoke_______€ 75,00Foto ansehen

rear suspension______1________55 rear axle housing_______€ 100,00

steering____________1________center link_______€ 25,00

steering____________1________55/6 steering column PG complete______€ 180,00

steering____________1________55/6 steering column PG not complete______€ 30,00

tranny_____________2________V8 engine to PG spacer ring_______je___€ 40,00 Foto ansehen

tranny_____________1________V8 PG flywheels______je____€ 30,00 Foto ansehen

tranny_____________1________V8 flywheel std_______€ 30,00Foto ansehen

tranny_____________2________6 cyl. flywheel std_______je____€ 30,00

tranny_____________1________6 cyl. bell housing w/ cluth rods_______€ 50,00

tranny_____________1________55/6 PG kick down rods__je___€ 40,00 Foto ansehen

tranny_____________1________bell housing V8 to 3 speed_______€ 80,00 Foto ansehen

tranny_____________2________shift linkage 3 speed_____je___30,00 Foto ansehen

tranny_____________3________shift linkage 3 speed reverse gear___je____20,00 Foto ansehen

tranny_____________1________shift linkange lever____€ 10,00 Foto ansehen

tranny_____________1________shift linkage PG_______€ 20,00

tranny_____________3________lower tranny covers V8________je___€ 10,00

window____________1________vent window sedan RH_____je___€ 25,00

window____________1________vent window sedan LH_____je___€ 25,00

window___________diverse____window regulators___anfragen!!_je__€ 30,00 Foto ansehen

wiper______________1________wiper actuating cable for washer bottles____€ 20,00 Foto ansehen

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